Jul 21, 2010
STFU and Clap Your Hands
Twin Pack & STFU - Clap Your Hands (Twin Pack & STFU Mix) [Tiger]

Have you been looking for some groovy electro house that doesn’t sound like much of the other electro house circulating out there right now? Your prayers have been answered.

Clap Your Hands is a funked-up collaboration between German producers STFU and Twin Pack – names you may not be very familiar with. But that’s okay, because they are still putting out amazing tracks. STFU has only begun producing and DJ-ing in the last few years, whereas duo Twin Pack have been around in various forms since the ’80s.

The unique quality of this track is derived from the main synth line, which is a variant of a blues/jazz riff often played on a bass guitar or saxophone. This gives the track an old school funk feel, while still maintaining the glorious pulse of an electro house track. And of course, we have some nice yells added in toward the drop that make you want to… well… clap your hands. Have some fun with this track, all you readers out there.

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