Nov 14, 2014
Get On Down With Steve Lawler’s ‘That’s House’
Steve Lawler - That's House [Play It Say It]

Few DJs on today’s scene can boast a veteran status as lengthy as Steve Lawler. His career bloomed out of a few illegal parties in his teen years to eventually land him global respect as one of house music’s leading innovators. Sprawling eight-minute anthem That’s House pays tribute to his unquestioned knowledge of the genre.

That’s House opens with a chugging synth line and some strategically placed rim shots, before smaller vocal and whistle effects layer onto the infectious rhythm. After some gurgling acid house elements set in, seductive vocals start up to chant the gospel, “Get on down, get on down. That’s house.” It all comes together to create the perfect ode to the genre.

That’s House is the first track from Lawler’s forthcoming EP, to be released on Seth Troxler’s Play It Say It label.

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