Sep 27, 2013
Steve Aoki x Epic Meal Time Like ‘Em Thick

We’re all familiar with Steve Aoki’s ability to throw a cake, but can he cook?

Canadian parody cooking show Epic Meal Time invited the cake-slinging DJ into their booze-soaked kitchen to help with one seriously epic batch of Irish nachos.

The host Harley Morenstein and Aoki make sure to get their meat nice and hot before “spooning” together, then Aoki gets busy on the guac.

Steve drops a number of “Aoki tips,” like flip the potatoes when they’re cooked on one side. We’ll give him credit for browning ground beef, but Steve better not leave his job at Dim Mak. Of course, someone gets caked in the end (not really a spoiler) and it’s not Steve…. Is it ever Steve?

Listen carefully for his collab with Linkin Park, A Light That Never Comes, soundtracking the caking. Grab Steve’s latest here.

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