Mar 04, 2014
Steve Aoki To Host ‘Mementos’ Charity Auction

If you’ve ever wanted to hang a piece of Steve Aoki fan art in your home, but lack the creative capability to create one of your own, there’s still hope. The electronic producer/global philanthropist is set to host a charity auction in Los Angeles featuring a massive collection of Steve Aoki fan art.

The exhibition, titled Mementos, will open Tuesday, March 11 at the Scion AV Installation in Los Angeles, and will be hosted by Aoki himself. The gallery will be open to the public for the remainder of the month, with fans being able to purchase pieces of Aoki fan art collected over the last 10 years.

Aoki recently donated a sizable $65,000 to a number of medical and research charity organizations following the end of his lengthy Aokify North American Tour. Aoki, who has always been vocal about the importance of his humanitarian work, donated a dollar for every ticket sold on the tour to four different charities:

My philanthropy work is just as important to me as my music. I’ve been involved with many charities and non-profit organizations throughout my career, and I always take the time to give back and volunteer when I can. These four organizations represent the best in what they do, and I’m stoked to be working with them

All proceeds from the artwork sales will go to benefit the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund. The event is RSVP only. You can sign up to attend here, via

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