Jun 26, 2014
Steve Aoki Releases ‘Breaking Bad’-Inspired Music Video

Steve Aoki goes full-on Heisenburg in his Breaking Bad-themed video for Free The Madness.

The video opens in the “distant future” at the Museum of the 21st Century. According to Aoki, in the future, twerking will be history, the Doge meme craze will be over, gingivitis will be cured, and apparently, toilets are out, too. Aoki wants to learn more about the most popular show of the 21st century: Breaking Bad. After placing his hands on the “memory orb,” Aoki is transported into the New Mexican desert where he takes on the identity of Walter White and cooks meth with Machine Gun Kelly (who plays Jesse Pinkman).

Aoki and MGK also get beaten up by some ninja Girl Scouts along the way. Free The Madness is featured on Steve Aoki’s forthcoming album Neon Future, out Aug. 12. You can pre-order the album over on iTunes here.

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