Nov 12, 2014
Steve Aoki To Release Deep House Tracks Under New Name

With the deep house movement currently sitting at the forefront of electronic music, everyone, including Steve Aoki, is aiming to become the genre’s next big superstar.

Speaking to Mixmag, Aoki discussed how performing at Ibiza’s Cafe Mambo over the summer helped jumpstart his new move to deep house, noting that his usual “banging” type of tunes weren’t suitable for the Ibiza environment.

“That kind of environment, the banging stuff just doesn’t work, so I was playing house: Maceo Plex, Ten Walls, Tiga’s collaborations, Duke Dumont and some more underground stuff.”

Aoki’s new project currently remains untitled, but he doesn’t plan to release deep house tracks under his own name.

“I won’t release it under Steve Aoki, it’ll be under another name. I don’t want to confuse people who associate me with my usual sound, and I want it to be judged on its own merits. We’ll see how it does.”

Aoki also noted that his transition to deep house won’t stop him from using his signature collection of props at live gigs. The producer stated that there will still be plenty of rafting and cake throwing going on at his shows–at least until he can “think of something better.”

“My intention is to showcase music, but the way I see it is that the different props are there to raise the energy and emotion: if people are enjoying themselves then it’s working. To me it’s not a distraction from the music, it’s a supplement.”

Are you a fan of “old school” Aoki? You can pick up his recently released album Neon Future I over on Beatport here.

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