Jun 14, 2015
Stephan Bodzin’s ‘Powers Of Ten’ LP Is A Techno Dreamland
Stephan Bodzin - Ix (Original Mix) [Herzblut]
Stephan Bodzin - Zulu (Original Mix) [Herzblut]
Stephan Bodzin - Wir (Original Mix) [Herzblut]

After ramping up the excitement with the three-track Singularity EP only a few weeks ago, German techno whiz Stephan Bodzin has now released his sophomore album, the 10-track Powers Of Ten, and it’s everything techno fans could hope for.

Released via his own Herzblut Recordings, the album is a melodically rich mix of deep and meaningful techno that offers the listener a series of personal, poignant, and provocative messages. The audial journey begins with the aforementioned Singularity, a mesmerizing and dreamy tune, before travelling through Ix, an uplifting and driving number that is also incredibly cerebral. We venture further away from the mainland with Blue Giant, a progressive and pulsing groove. At the mid-point is Zulu–one of the definitive standouts on the album–a song that proves irresistibly captivating thanks to a ghostly build and an oh-so-enjoyable melody. The title track is a cinematic experience in and of itself. Odyssee is a goosebumps-inducing trek through soothing and decidedly spiritual synths. The album finishes with Wir, a triumphant and reflective piece that wraps things up nicely.

Stephan Bodzin had this to say about the LP:

Powers of Ten has been with me all my life and is named after a book that has been my background hiss, its confusing truth is my only real faith and its infinity shows me its finiteness. The album is about harmonies, melodies, rhythms. It is an homage to Bob Moog, full of techno beats and sounds and space and party and ecstasy and dancing and listening, and crying and feeling. It is a journey, a philosophy of life, a view of the world, a vague perception. It is my wife, my children, my family, my friends, my passion, my enemy, my greatest fulfillment, my fear, my deepest peace, my power, all my love.”

Simply put, there are few artists in electronic music with the ingenuity and sonic awareness of Stephan Bodzin. Pick up Powers Of Ten on Beatport here and stream the full album on his SoundCloud page here.

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