Apr 28, 2012
Steering Squarely
Squarepusher - Dark Steering (Original Mix) [Warp]
Squarepusher - Squarepusher Theme (Original Mix) [Warp]

Squarepusher, aka Tom Jenkinson, has been in the electronic production game almost as long as anyone. Take a quick listen to the latest single of his forthcoming album, Ufabulum, and you’ll quickly understand the grasp that this guy has over his musical prowess. Titled Dark Steering, the track seems to reimagine a Tron-like digital raceway, giving the listener a heaping serving of visual imagery atop this groovy, half-French house, half-Aphex Twin smash hit. The track starts off temperately, but kicks things into overdrive just halfway through with some immensely glitch-inspired drums. If this is any taste of what his upcoming album might be like, this should be one of the hottest LPs all year.

To give you a brief understanding of both how far Squarepusher has come as well as how unique his sound has been throughout his career I’ve also tagged on Squarepusher Theme, the groovy intro track to his first LP from way back in ’96. Enjoy!

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