Sep 22, 2010
Steady Beats, Altered Senses
AlterImage - Time Change (Original Mix) [AlterImage]
AlterImage - Redscope (Absence of Essence Remix) [AlterImage]

Let AlterImage take you on a journey deep below the streets of New York–a narrow staircase leads you down into a dark, cave-like room. Faces appear from the flashes of strobe lights above. The room is cramped with hot and sweaty bodies moving in unison to the steady beat.

Be it an abandoned warehouse in Brooklyn or underground nightclub in the West Village, New York’s minimal techno/house scene remains vibrant today. Comprised of New York clubbing natives Adam Force and Ian Ressler, AlterImage has developed a sound that exemplifies local sound while retaining their own identity. In their new EP, Time Change, I especially liked how the duo manages to patch together a diverse set of progressive, tech house, and techno rhythms, sometimes within the same track!

Just take the Absence of Essence remix of Redscope. This dark minimal gem moves seamlessly between a variety of different beat loops, maintaining a steady yet unpredictable feel. The EP title’s namesake track, Time Change changes things up with chunkier beats and soft piano chords that give the track a more progressive feel. These tracks are almost as unpredictable and freeform as the City of New York itself. Enjoy!

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