May 07, 2014
Stay Plugged In 06

Welcome fellow gearheads to episode six of Stay Plugged In. This installment brings you three synth plugins to please your sonic palate. All of the synths reviewed are completely devoid of cost, so you can download them and spend as long as you like tweaking to bring forth melodic madness and synthesized sound sensations.

SuperWave P8

SuperWave P8

Our first plugin, SuperWave P8, comes with some great presets that include string sounds all the way to rez bass and special sound effects. This two-oscillator synth has a tweakable filter section as well to coax forward some very diverse sounds. All of the controls are neatly laid out on its interface. SuperWave P8 is available as a Windows VST plugin.



  • 2 Oscillators: Single, Dual, 7 SuperWave Oscillators
  • Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, White Noise, Pink Noise
  • Controls: Waveform, Mode, Fine-Tune, Semi-Tune, Detune, Octave, Sync


  • 2 Resonant Filters: 12dB
  • Filter Types: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass
  • Controls: Filter Type, Cutoff Frequency, Resonance, Key Follow, Lock (Cutoff Frequency)


  • 2 Amplifiers
  • Controls: Level, Pan, On/Off


  • 4 Envelopes (Filter x2, Amp x2)
  • Controls: Depth, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

Low Frequency Oscillators

  • 2 LFOs with multiple routing options
  • Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, White Noise, Pink Noise
  • Beat Ratios: 10
  • Controls: Waveform, Destination, Mode, Rate, Beat, Depth, Key On, Route


  • Modulation with multiple routing options
  • Controls: Input, Destination, Depth


  • Effect Types: Mono Delay x2 (1 Stereo pair)
  • Delay Controls: Level, Feedback, Pan, Beat, On/Off

Other Features

  • 8 note polyphonic operation
  • Main volume control
  • Mono/polyphonic control
  • Portamento control
  • Midi CC control with learn capability
  • 64 high-quality presets

Free download

u-he Triple Cheese

u-he Triple Cheese

Triple Cheese is not your typical synthesizer. It does not use standard means to arrive at the sounds it produces, but rather Triple Cheese employs comb filters via three “cheese” modules to either generate a unique signal or modify the previous module’s sound. Triple Cheese is bought to you by u-he, the developer of such famous synth plugins as Zebra 2, Diva and ACE. Triple Cheese is available in Windows VST and Mac audio units and VST formats.


  • Three “cheese” module comb filters
  • Dual assignable envelopes
  • LFO and Vibrator sections
  • Chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, reverb effects

Free Download

Cescato Musiktechnologie Trans Computer Maschine

Cescato Musiktechnologie Trans Computer Maschine

Trans Computer Maschine is one massive semi-modular vintage synthesizer. It includes an elaborate pattern sequencer that will keep you busy all day tweaking the seemingly infinite possibilities of sounds it can create. Trans Computer Maschine is modeled after two legendary German mono synths. Available in Windows VST format, this is one synth you will want to take your time with and explore its sonic capabilities.


  • 3 Multi-Oscillators with Sawtooth, Triangle, Saw-Triangle and Variable Pulse shapes.
  • Color adjustable Noise Generator
  • 3-mode Ring Modulator
  • Advanced Sample/Hold section
  • Selectable 2/3/4-pole resonant LP Filter with auto-oscillation
  • HP Filter with bus selection
  • 2 exponential Envelope Generators offering 3 operation modes
  • Unique Sequencer features like “skip” and “set” can be played live from MIDI keyboard
  • Inter-patch Sequencer pattern “Copy/Paste” feature
  • Fully MIDI controllable

Free download

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