Nov 21, 2010
Static Change
The Shoes - Stay The Same (Siriusmo and Jan Driver Dub) [Southern Fried]

One of the most consistently stellar artists of 2010 has without a doubt been German DJ/producer Siriusmo. The dude’s music dances on a fine line somewhere between Grum and Boys Noize, with just a twist of indie nu disco to make things interesting.

His recent remix with Jan Driver of The Shoes’ indie track Stay The Same shows why I say this guy is some of the best and brightest we have today. The first minute and a half of the track consist of some chill, laid-back beats, but the song takes a quick turn shortly after the two minute mark. This is really where the track starts. This track is just groovy enough to bring out the very worst (and at the same time best) of my dance moves, and for that, I thank you Siriusmo.

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