Feb 05, 2015
StashBelt Promises To Keep Your Valuables Safe

We’ve all heard the horror stories from dance fans suffering from empty wallets or lost keys as a result of pickpockets or alcohol-induced absent-mindedness. Well, now there’s a way to safely protect your money and valuables: the StashBelt.

The leather money belt features a hidden 18-inch zipper pocket large enough to hold cash as well as keys or precious items, making it the perfect compliment for clubbers and festivalgoers alike. The belt also comes equipped with a built-in 4GB micro USB drive, the first belt of its kind to do so. If you’re looking to travel abroad to events like Tomorrowland or Ultra Europe, you can use this to keep scans of important documents like your passport, travel insurance, ID cards, etc. It’s also a pretty handy way to bring your favorite tracks with you on the go.

The product appeared on the popular Dragon’s Den TV show (similar to Shark Tank in the US) on Feb. 4 in hopes of landing a venture capital deal. The owners–Seth Rozee, Jeff Davis, and Jonah Brotman–got what they wanted: $50,000 for one-third of the company from Dragon David Chilton, author of world-famous personal finance book The Wealthy Barber.

StashBelt was founded as way to create jobs in Kenya, a country that suffers from a 40 percent unemployment rate. StashBelt is hand-made by skilled leather artisans in Kenya, and all leather is produced from indigenous, free-range Boran cows. What’s more, a portion of all StashBelt profits are used to make “angel investments” in Kenyan startup business ventures.

The StashBelt, which currently retails for $59.99 CAN ($48.25 USD), is available in three different styles, named after tribes in Kenya, and can be purchased here. Check out the video down below for more information.

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