Apr 24, 2011
Starbound Passion
Alex Pich & Shinobi - Vega (Original Mix) [Perceptive]
Alex Pich & Shinobi - Barcelona (Erick Strong Remix) [Full Tilt]
Aleete - Passion (Alex Pich & Dmitry Fedorov Remix) [Baroque]

It always warms my heart to see a brilliant artist become recognized for their talents. Born in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, Alexander Pichugin, aka Alex Pich, has steadily grown since his celebrated 2008 production Drops on the Moon. Since then, Alex has won the favor of Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, and loads of the world’s biggest names for his phenomenal melodies and progressive beats.

An accomplished composer armed with sophisticated knowledge of entrancing melodies, Alex began a project called Aleete with Dmitry Federov to produce Passion. Placing in a time-stopping breakdown that grounds all matter, it’s musical pieces like this that are simply unforgettable. Another release named Vega provides a vivid example of how well he’s mastered his own style. The strings breakdown layered with gentle melodies reach into the deepest sectors of one’s subconscious and extracts an appreciation for melody that was previously undiscovered. Well on the scene’s radar by this point, Alex Pich attracted another upcoming producer, Erick Strong. Erick thorougly bolstered his tune Barcelona with a healthy, strong dosage of big-room electro basslines.

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