May 30, 2011
Star Children
Inge Lemon - Starchild (Gofman & Tsukerman Remix) [405]
Gofman & Tsukerman - One Thousand Moons (Extended Mix) [Armada]
Gofman & Tsukerman - Ethnica (Extended Mix) [Armada]

A decade ago two run-of-the-mill Israeli dudes united through their passion for electronic music. Michael Tsukerman (left) brought with him a love for trance and Igal Gofman (right) introduced his house influences. The resulting fusion has since spawned some of the world’s tastiest progressive house.

Transforming the driving Starchild by half of Norway’s Lemon & Einar K, Gofman & Tsukerman blended the original’s soothing chopped vocals into some serious minimal basslines. Further expressing their dual nature, Gofman & Tsukerman delivered the deep symphony One Thousand Moons on Armada. Their years of experience truly shine through the gentle melodies and pulse with the catchy beat. Lastly, the producers produced an excellent relaxing beach track by the name of Ethnica. Here, Gofman & Tsukerman harmonized a peaceful Spanish guitar to create a supreme relaxing prog experience.

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