Jan 28, 2014
WTF!? Stafford Brothers And Their Kangaroo Sued For Trashing LA Rental

The brotherly DJ duo Stafford Brothers are among Australia’s all-stars of partying, and now they’ve got the bills to prove it.

Apparently the “pouring of liquid nitrogen,” installation of a skateboard ramp, and presence of a kangaroo rubbed the owners of their recent rental the wrong way, who are now suing the Cash Money Records duo for $125K.

TMZ reports that the guys partied more or less nonstop at a house in LA rented primarily to film the video for their Lil Wayne and Christina Milian collab, Hello, and in addition to recovering $100K in damage to the property, owners are tacking on an extra $25K in “punitive damages to teach them a lesson.” Obviously, this is a case for that kangaroo court you always hear about on daytime dramas.

Watch the video of the party that left the Studio City house in such staggering disarray below.

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