Jan 17, 2012
Squeeze The Orca
XI - Immunity (Original Mix) [Orca]
XI - Squeeze (Original Mix) [Orca]

William Orca’s Orca Recordings has dropped some of 2012’s first necessary wax, a pair of lean dancefloor grooves bearing the names Immunity and Squeeze. Canadian producer XI is the individual responsible, these representing his first output since a move away from the Frozen North to Berlin. While it’s true that Berlin has certainly made an impression on XI, what’s also evident is the presence of a more general European flavor. Immunity and Squeeze may be reductionist enough to appeal to the Berghain crowd, but at the same time they are full of UK garage’s off-kilter dynamism.

A-side Immunity starts out on a subtle tip, with finely wrought snares flickering over rolling sub-bass and distressed pads. On the flip, XI jacks up the tempo and sends his bass-piloted rhythms cartwheeling around chopped vocals and gleaming synths. With regular releases from xxxy and XI to go along with a solid Hyetal cut back in 2010, Orca Recordings have definitely earned their spot on many 2012 watch lists.

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