Dec 11, 2013
Spotify Spotlight 02: Ed Banger

For our second installment of the Spotify Spotlight series we have highlighted the world-renowned French label Ed Banger Records. Headed up by founder Pedro Winter (aka Busy P), Ed Banger has been around since 2003 and has given rise to the likes of many influential French electronic producers and DJs including Justice, SebastiAn, DJ Mehdi, Breakbot, and many others.

Ed Banger is well known for its raucous parties as well as giving little to no regard to what others think of them. In this way they are truly special and have been able to carve out a unique place in the history of the still very young electronic music scene. The music that makes up the label spans many different genres from the in-your-face electro house of Justice and Sebastian to the slowed-down funkiness of Breakbot’s disco tunes. With the many different tempos and styles of music, you’re bound to find at least a few tracks in our playlist that will get you moving.

Check out the playlist on Spotify here or listen below!