Jan 16, 2014
Spotify Skips Play Limits On Free Accounts

Spotify users can now listen to their favorite tracks free of play limits thanks to a new policy regarding free desktop accounts.

No longer cut off at 10 monthly hours hours after the initial six-month period, Spotify users are now free to use the desktop version in full in addition to the mobile and tablet versions made free in December of 2013. The announcement came in a blog post from Spotify Jan. 15:

In the past, we had to restrict your listening time to some hours a month once a 6-month unlimited grace period had passed. But now, if you haven’t noticed, there’s no more time limit if you are using Spotify for free. We have removed these caps completely across all platforms – you can listen to your favourite songs as many times as you like, for as long as you want.

This news can’t make existing paid users too happy, although the free versions will still play advertisements while paid memberships do not. Get more info and join Spotify here.

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