Feb 16, 2015
Spor Unveils Upcoming Album Details, First Single ‘As I Need You’
Spor feat. Tasha Baxter - As I Need You (Annie Mac Radio Rip) [Sotto Voce]

Fresh off the release of a four-track EP through his Feed Me alias, UK producer John Gooch has revealed details of his upcoming full-length Spor album, Caligo, as well as the album’s first single.

The first track off the album, As I Need You, which first premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show, is a creeping D&B number consisting of shadowy synthscapes and a dark and drifting vocal arrangement from Gooch favorite Tasha Baxter.

After spending the last few years releasing music as Feed Me, Gooch stated on Twitter that he had abandoned D&B to gain more “musical freedom” away from a scene that had become “monopolised by greed.” Gooch explained his return to the genre in a lengthy Facebook post, noting that he wanted to make sure he was doing it “not to fill a space” or “just to appease people,” but because he felt as “enthusiastic” about the music as he previously did.

The album will arrive first on BitTorrent through a “pay what you want” setup–something that Gooch says embodies the nature of what Spor is all about.

“…I wanted to reflect the story and philosophy of myself as Spor in the medium it was released in too. BitTorrent seemed an obvious choice. The way we communicate as artists is constantly being questioned, and the ground we live on is in constant shift. Having the Spor album live as a self-sufficient shared container via BitTorrent, something that’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time, replicating and spreading–embodies the nature of Spor. It’s my underground self.”

Caligo is out March 9 on BitTorrent and on iTunes and Beatport March 11 via Gooch’s own Sotto Voce.

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