Oct 21, 2012
Spor Starts Over
Spor - Ziggurat (Original Mix) [Lifted]
Spor - Push Me, Pull You (Original Mix) [Lifted]

After much anticipation it seems as if D&B legend turned electro phenom Feed Me Jon Gooch is making a temporary return to his roots with the first of several new releases from his alterego Spor.

Ziggurat is an incredibly well structured D&B track that, in my eyes, is designed to convert some Feed Me fans to that Spor sound. Crisp drums, deep basslines and a welcoming liquid melody make this track great for a Spor rebirth. Push Me, Pull You is an intriguing dubstep track that’s not so much about the gnarly drop, but the journey it takes you on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s bassy as all hell, but you can tell that the track was composed much differently from your average dubstep tune.

Spor has alluded to this being the first taste of his album, which is rumored to be completely finished at this point. If that’s the case, I’m completely hooked on where he’s taking his sound. Now, we play the waiting game.

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