Dec 08, 2010
Spock Rock
Justin Martin & Ardalan - Mr. Spock (Original Mix) [dirtybird]

I just can’t help myself when I hear a track that samples a great rap hit. This one is near and dear to my heart, however, and features a sample from a song with one of the best rappers in history. I wont reveal who it is or what song it’s from, and, in fact, the sample has been woven in so carefully that it may not be so easy to tell who it is. However, the beat should surely ring bells with many of you. Though I have yet to test it out, this is probably a perfect song to blast out your car driving around a suburban neighborhood in the afternoon. Might get a few weird looks during those choir parts, but hey–they just jealous. See if you agree! Drop a comment if you do (or if you know the rap hit!).

So who’s behind this monster? It’s a combined effort by Justin Martin & Ardalan. Here’s a little excerpt from Dirtybird’s bio on Martin: “Music journalists typically describe Justin’s sound as ‘melodic and tough’ with his music encapsulating both melody and emotional depth, yet always with enough undeniable ass-shaking properties to translate to the floor.” Awesome, so what about Ardalan? Well, ladies and gents, Ardalan is apparently unsigned according to his MySpace page, but we do know that he has been heavily influenced by the underground San Francisco house scene and is California-based. Certainly a sweet combination of efforts on this record.

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