Jun 30, 2015
Splice Announces Sample Subscription Service, Splice Sounds

Splice, the cloud-based collaboration/sharing service for producers, has announced a new premium subscription service, Splice Sounds. The service will allow producers to access an almost endless database of sounds, samples, and loops for a monthly fee, as well as allowing producers to backup and share their own creations.

In a world that increasingly uses cloud computing to store and share data, a service such as Splice makes perfect sense, and could well revolutionize the world of music production. As many budding producers will be well aware, online collaboration through forums and the like is nothing new, so a service that makes the process easier and more hands on is a long overdue development. Splice Sounds takes the process one step further, allowing not just project files and ideas to be shared, but also the very sounds that make up productions. It’s something the industry is also looking to embrace, with leading sample companies Loopmasters and Sample Magic already on board. The thinking is that producers previously either had to spend large sums on entire sample packs to access perhaps one or two sounds they wanted, or pirate sample packs–a practice which clearly damages the industry.

The pricing plan is two-tier, with Level 1 costing $7.99 per month for 100 “credits” and Level 2 costing $13.99 per month for 300 “credits.” The “credits” translate into a single sound each, which a user is then licensed to use forever.

Watch the video introduction to Splice Sounds below, and check out their website here.

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