Sep 26, 2011
Spend a Weekend with Wolfgang
Wolfgang Gartner feat Omarion - Still My Baby (Album Mix) [Ultra]
Wolfgang Gartner - 818 (Album Mix) [Ultra]
Wolfgang Gartner - Welcome Back (Album Mix) [Ultra]

When electro house virtuoso Wolfgang Gartner drops an album, you know that it’s going to be off the chain. Wolfgang has been heralded as a pioneer in the new wave of electro house, inspiring acts like Porter Robinson with his glitchy, sample-driven “complextro.” That’s why when I heard he was dropping his debut full-length, I had big expectations. Needless to say, Wolfgang did not disappoint; Weekend In America is thirteen tracks of the newest and craziest that electro has to offer. The album mixes recently released tracks like Ménage à Trois and his collaboration with Will.I.Am., Forever, with never before heard productions like The Champ and my personal favorite, 818.

Since I’m sure you’re more than familiar with his already-released works, let’s talk about his new stuff. As I mentioned, I’m quite fond of 818. The chopping, slicing, and layering of countless samples is what really makes this track shine. They’re arranged in such a way that it gives the song a very “sped up” feel to it. I’d expect to see him drop this one during the more intense parts of his sets. One of the bonus tracks on the album, Welcome Back, has a very Daft Punk feel to it. Groovy disco kicks and snares give the song a very old school, Chicago house vibe, while Wolfgang’s funky synths loom overhead. It almost sounds as if the samples themselves were dancing.

Also on the album is a collection of new electro hop tracks. It’s interesting to see Wolfgang being picked up by mainstream artists–certainly a testament to how far EDM has come in America today. The talent ranges from rappers Jim Jones and Cam’ron, to hip hop diva Eve, all the way to R&B singer Omarion. Whether you’re a fan of the EDM-influenced mainstream pop or not, you can’t discount the skill that Wolfgang exhibits in these songs. Check out the colorful progressions in Still My Baby with Omarion as an example of his pop/EDM-blending skills.

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