Nov 07, 2014
Spencer Tarring Professes His Love For ‘House Music’
Spencer Tarring - House Music (Original Mix) [Free Download]

If you’re a fan of house music, Spencer Tarring’s new single dedicated to the love of the genre, aptly named House Music, should be right up your alley.

After previously moving from the UK to China to spread the love of house music, Tarring has now relocated to sunny Los Angeles in a quest to inform others about the genre that helped shape his life. His single House Music pays homage to classic house tracks with a pumping melody and chord progression that are sure to fit right in to clubs around the world. The track also features vocals recorded by Tarring himself, in which he professes his love for the music and explains what it means to him.

Tarring is giving away the track for free on his Facebook page, so head over to grab your copy.


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