Apr 15, 2011
Speeding Toward the Top
Rudimental feat Adiyam - Speeding (Original Mix) [Black Butter]
Rudimental feat Adiyam - Speeding (Bert on Beats Remix) [Black Butter]
Rudimental feat Adiyam - Speeding (Dodge & Fuski Remix) [Black Butter]

Dubstep music collectives are on the rise worldwide; dubstep producers, engineers, and DJs are reaching beyond themselves to artists and songwriters and inviting them into their fold as a permanent addition. Some of the results have been spectacular, though many have yet to be heard outside their studios and label promos. One such collective that has recently popped up is London-based breakbeat outfit Rudimental. Consisting of songwriter/producer Piers Agget, songwriter Kesi Dryden, and DJs Locksmith & Douglas, I’d bank all my money on these guys being a major hit in the near future. Upcoming single Speeding singlehandedly provides more than enough evidence for this.

Featuring singer Adiyam, Speeding is an undeniable hit. The urban sensibility combined with sexy dubstep sounds make this track a major contender for something like the Luvstep compilations. This one will be on heavy rotation on my iPod for months. Some hot remixes will be coming out with the June release as well, one of which is the Bert On Beats remix, which is a straight-up UK jungle ass-shaker. Though it doesn’t bear much similarity to the original with the exception of the spliced vocals, the gradual build of the track into a tribal frenzy holds its own quite well. Finally, I’ve included the Dodge & Fuski remix, which takes the original and turns up the dnb/dubstep factor, making it more “smash your face in at the club”-friendly.

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