Feb 23, 2014
Special Features Turns Up Flight Facilities’ ‘I Didn’t Believe’
Flight Facilities feat. Elizabeth Rose - I Didn't Believe (Special Features Remix)

I first caught on to Flight Facilities last spring with their jaw-droppingly gorgeous single for Future Classic entitled I Didn’t Believe (late to the game, I know, but better late than never). This week, London DJ Special Features (pictured) breathes new life into that track with a careful-yet-classy remix that ups the ante on the disco-house original.

Special Features knows he’s tweaking with near-perfection here, so he wisely avoids playing with Elizabeth Rose’s incomparable vocals much. Where he injects his own style into the mix is in its more malleable backdrop, replacing the laid-back disco groove with a more urgent progressive/electro backbone that plays up the raw emotion of Rose’s vocals to great effect.

Download Special Features’ I Didn’t Believe remix for free by showing him some love on Facebook, and check out the video for the original mix below:

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