Dec 09, 2013
Speaker Of The House Stays ‘Thirsty’
Speaker Of The House - Thirsty (Original Mix)

What’s better than listening to trap and big room house? Why… listening to both at the same time, of course! Dylan Orvell, aka Speaker of the House, is a self-described purveyor of “Sunsets and Thunderstorms.” All jokes aside, this is actually a pretty apt description to his newest release, the genre-bending Thirsty.

Combining both styles into one impressive club tune, Speaker of the House starts things off with some tropical big room flavor before transitioning into Earth-shattering festival trap—the second drop alone is worth listening to over and over.

Thirsty is both refreshing and absolutely filthy; I can only imagine how it would play out on the dancefloor. The best part is, it’s completely free to download. Grab it here, and remember: “stay thirsty, my friends.”

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