Jul 09, 2012
SP-X Escapes The Underground
SP-X - The Escape (Original Mix) [Komisch]
SP-X - Stalker (Original Mix) [Komisch]
SP-X - Attack Pattern (Original Mix) [Komisch]

Mysterious techno label Komisch is, to quote Disney’s Aladdin of all things, a “diamond in the rough.” The world of underground techno is replete with countless indistinguishable Eastern Europeans with obscure names and remarkably similar takes on 4/4 minimalism, tailor-made for soundtracking the early hours in Budapest or Krakow. Very occasionally you will get an artist or label that stands out from the crowd, as Xhin, Lucy and Perc managed to in 2011 or Sandwell District before them in 2009-10. In the space of only a handful of releases, Brussels-based producer SP-X has put both himself and Komisch firmly on the map, and the gorgeous fusion of elegance and darkness on his latest effort Stalker might just have lit the touch paper beneath the pair of them.

From The Escape’s subterranean shuffle to the title track’s driving industrial clatter, SP-X makes precision-tooled techno of a deeply traditional nature, full of gently morphing pads and incessant warehouse pounding. Final track Attack Pattern is textbook European techno at its finest; shuddering kicks anchoring omnipresent sub-bass deep enough to swim in.

This talk of Stalker putting Komisch on the map is not merely idle chatter. In addition to finding a place on current techno darlings Forward Strategy Group’s most recent podcast, SP-X’s tracks were given Radio 1 airplay by Mosca during the respected In New DJs We Trust feature. With 12″s on the horizon from Finnish standout Samuli Kemppi as well as dark ambient experimenter P. God, Komisch are looking to make 2012 their year.

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