May 23, 2015
SoySauce Give Us Our ‘Lunch Money’ With New EP
SoySauce feat. Saturn - Gravity Waves (Original Mix)

Washington, DC-based duo SoySauce has finally dropped their hotly anticipated Lunch Money EP. Featuring an emphasis on sounds based in the upstart future bass genre, these tracks blend rhythm and blues and refreshingly youthful vibes in equal measure.

The EP’s standout work is still very much Broken Record, the lyrically well-written track featuring Joni Fatora’s vocals easily being one of the standout bass-as-pop tracks released as of late. As well, Thug Panda‘s here too. Sans Andy Milonakis’ rap coda, it’s still a standout instrumental, it’s minor key synths and bright, trap-style breaks creating a uniquely funky sound.

New material comes in the form of two tracks, Talking to Myself and Gravity Waves. The former features vocalist Stalking Gia and features an ambient melody and snapping breaks. Well produced and mixed, it joins Broken Record as a Top 40-ready track on the EP. Undulating and spacey, Gravity Waves closes out the release with a sound that’s big enough for a festival but ear-worming enough for personal enjoyment in your headphones, too.

The Lunch Money EP is available via iTunes, here. As with all SoySauce releases, proceeds from sales of the EP will be given to the LA Food Bank and their BackPack program which allows children in need to receive free or subsidized lunches.

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