Apr 24, 2015
Soysauce And Andy Milonakis Partner For ‘Thug Panda’
SoySauce feat. Andy Milonakis - Thug Panda (Original Mix)

Washington, DC area-based DJ/production duo SoySauce (Royal and “SoyBoy”) partner with comedian/rapper Andy Milonakis (pictured above) for their latest trap single Thug Panda. The funnyman’s ribald flow appears for only the last 54 seconds of the the production, but he’s definitely there.

The track itself is a progressive take on trap production given that minor key synths and a soulful, kick-drum led groove dominate. Uniquely, trap’s usual trumpet-style synth chords and half-time percussion elements are eventually overpowered in the mix.

As with all SoySauce productions, when the instrumental of the track is made available for sale, proceeds will go to assisting needy youth afford school lunches. As far as the version featuring Milonakis, it’s available for free download here.

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