Aug 25, 2011
Sounds of the Forest
Ryan York - If I Am This Forest
Asura feat Baths - The Other Side of Backwater
Asura - They Will Do Anything

I’ve been really impressed with the beats coming out of LA recently–the quality and efficiency of release is at an all-time high right now. Today, another entry into my electronica collection comes via LA experimental beatmaker Ryan York. York used to work under the alias Asura, on which he released several well-received singles and a debut artist album. Since then, York has been in the studio working under his own name on a soon-to-be-released EP called If I Am This Forest. Set to drop September 13th, York is promoting the EP by giving away the eponymous single for free on XLR8R. Oh, happy day!

York’s created something beautiful with If I Am This Forest. Echoing vocals seem to go through you like a ghost, and sooner than you know it you’re enveloped by a plethora of 8-bit synth and complex drum patterns. I want to know what forest this guy lives in, because it sounds like some kind of crazy computer program. The rest of the track plays out wonderfully–unique sampling and loops of instrumentation phase in and out of existence, while the original vocals make an appearance again in the latter part of the song to keep that ethereal feel found in much of today’s LA experimental beats. As an added bonus, I’m going to share with you some of York’s stuff that released as his alter-ego, Asura. The Other Side of Backwater features a personal favorite of mine, Baths, while They Will Do Anything brings up J. Dilla style beats with Moby-esque soul.

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