Oct 16, 2010
Sounds Of Style With Vernato

Internationally-minded fashion/lifestyle brand Vernato has started a new monthly radio show Sounds of Style (listen here) featuring some of EDM’s hottest beats, and LessThan3 is co-sponsoring the project, so we want you to listen! Mixed by New York DJ Kristo, the current show is an hour-long journey through pop, electro house, and global musical sounds. Check this page out for more info about the podcast and Kristo’s vision for the show.

Founded by Alban Selamaj and Anton Vitkovskiy, Vernato is a new brand that has launched a new fashion line that draws inspiration for its clothing from the beauty and richness of the world’s cultures. This mentality has led to them spreading their brand through the use of the internationally popular sounds of dance music with hopes to inspire a deeper appreciation for the diversity all around us. We are very happy to be a part of this venture; give the radio show a listen and tell us what you think! If you would like to download the mix, right click “listen here” above and click “save as.”

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