Nov 10, 2014
SoundCloud Unveils Sonic Reconstruction Of Berlin Wall

SoundCloud, a company headquartered in what would have been a part of the “Death Zone” next to the Berlin Wall, has released The Berlin Wall of Sound, a sonic reconstruction of the wall in honor of the 25th anniversary of the wall’s fall.

SoundCloud’s Berlin Wall reconstruction is 7:32 long, the amount of time it would have taken to drive the length of the 155 kilometer wall, and the track’s soundwaves have been made to imitate the wall’s shape. In the description SoundCloud says that listening to The Berlin Wall of Sound is “not easy to bear. But 27 years locked behind the concrete Berlin Wall were unbearable.”

Although comments are disabled, there are tags with photos of the 120 victims that died at the wall. The photos, which are placed at the location of each death, include the victim’s name, the date they were killed, and how they died.

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