Sep 28, 2015
Sound Atlas 26
Major Lazer feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley - Powerful (El Freaky Remix)
Stas & J. Hathor - Sukrana (Original Mix) [Babylon]
CLoZee - Koto (Original Mix) [OTODAYO]
Sevyn Streeter & Chris Brown - Don't Kill the Fun (Falcons & Tony Quattro Remix) [Free Download]
Namakopuri - After All, Thailand (AMUNOA Remix) [OIRAN]

Welcome to Sound Atlas, a weekly series showcasing LessThan3’s desire to scan the world for the most exciting sounds in global electronic music. This week, trap reaches every corner of the world in every possible manner. Simply put, this collection of tunes is turnt up to a whole other level.

Major Lazer – Powerful (El Freaky Remix)

If there were an award for “last Major Lazer remix you listen to for a month,” please allow Colombian production unit El Freaky’s punishing cumbia/trap take on Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Riley’s duet Powerful to be the winner. There’s something in the sonic sludge of dragging the original’s warping, yet explosive half-time breaks into cumbia and releasing that pressure with rolling hi-hats that works. This track is a heavyweight remix that probably won’t bring a festival to its knees, but if dropped at the right time in an intimate gathering can turn a room into some serious sexy time. Stream this one above.

Stas & J. Hathor – Sukrana

Budapest, Hungary’s Stas collaborates with J. Hathor for Sukrana, the only (and greatest) Bollywood dembow-trap anthem you’re likely to ever hear. Organic bells and drums define the production, but it’s in the breaks and tempo shifts that things get crazy. Stas’ new Babylon Records album Full Moon is all about being filled with tracks similar to this one. Purchase his explosive underground global bass album here, and definitely keep your finger on the ready for a repeat stream of this bizarre banger.

CloZee – Koto

Funky female French producer CloZee drops Rick Rubin-esque NYC rap breaks over traditional Japanese melodies for Koto, her latest release. This one’s classified as trap, but if a fan of things like Fatima Al Qadiri’s 2014 music-as-politics meets art album Asiatisch, this is up your alley. Or, if just down with GRiZ’s live festival sets, you’re certain to dig this, too. Purchase Koto here.

Sevyn Streeter & Chris Brown – Don’t Kill The Fun (Falcons & Tony Quattro Remix)

New York City’s Latin-influenced house beat-smith Tony Quattro combines forces with Los Angeles-based club dean Falcons for a freestyle-meets-trap take on Sevyn Streeter and Chris Brown’s latest single Don’t Kill The Fun. ’90s dance’s Latin-American forefather feels very comfortable as the logical extension of the jerking trap feel of the original production. Intriguingly, the bottom end could be amazing if refitted for moombahton, but in chopping up the bassline and allowing the tempo and melody to remain fairly static, the ultra-mainstream appeal of the track still remains. Download this peak-hour booty-shaker here.

Namakopuri – After All, Thailand (AMUNOA Remix)

Eight-bit trap’s top underground label is Japan’s TREKKIE TRAX. Thus, label-affiliated producer AMUNOA’s take on Japanese pop duo Namakopuri’s After All, Thailand being a unique release coming straight out of left-field shouldn’t be a surprise. Swirling breaks get double-time chopped in the bottom end of the mix, allowing the duo’s vocals to feel like they’re escaping into the top-line of the new track and whispering into the atmosphere. Purchase this fanciful and candy-coated bass wonder here.