Sep 21, 2015
Sound Atlas 25 – Thunderbird Juicebox Premiere
Thunderbird Juicebox - URL Chapo (Original Mix) [Space Is The Place]
DJ Dotorado feat. Jr. - Playboy Aqui Sou Eu (Original Mix)
Siete Catorce - Jungla (Original Mix) [Enchufada]
Sango feat. MC Nem - Não Falo (Original Mix)

Welcome to Sound Atlas, a weekly series showcasing LessThan3’s desire to scan the world for the most exciting sounds in global electronic music. This week, prepare for an exclusive helping of trap meets footwork from Thunderbird Juicebox (pictured) and Space Is The Place Records. As well, check out new baile funk, reggaeton, and bass-driven female empowerment.

Thunderbird Juicebox – URL Chapo

Proclaiming oneself the internet’s version of Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman seems like an onerous weight to place one one’s career, but it’s absolutely what happens on Thunderbird Juicebox’s trap-meets-footwork anthem URL Chapo, set to be released by Space Is The Place. Bombastic horn synths guide the melody, which gets punctuated then punctured by stabbing percussion that starts somewhere around 70 BPM and ends up more than twice as fast. Those gun blasts throughout the Baltimore native’s production are definitely an homage to the mayhem caused by the escaped kingpin. Stream this heater above now.

DJ Dotorado feat. Jr. – Playboy Aqui Sou Eu

Following the breakaway global underground success of African Scream, 18-year-old Portuguese DJ/producer DJ Dotorado has slowly begun to expand his sonic palette outside of the heavy Afro-beat influence. Rich minor-key synths guide the melody here and bolster a rapped top-line, while baile funk is the call for the bottom end. This one definitely demands thorough peak-hour rinsing at your next underground tropical bass jam. Stream this one above!

Siete Catorce – Jungla

Mexico’s Siete Catorce returns to Enchufafa with Paisajes, an EP that explores and compares Latin rhythmic traditions. Jungla dips its feet into the deep end by way of reggaeton basslines aided by heavy rolling snares. When the ambient melody joins the fray, the synths are chopped in a syncopated manner and the track becomes a passionate and melancholic future bass odyssey. Purchase Paisajes via Beatport here.

Sango – Não Falo (Ft. MC Nem)

Sounding like what could easily be a baile-trap edit of a soulful house jam is Não Falo Brazilian-American and Seattle-based production superstar Sango’s latest track. The gentle weaving of the vocal wail into the mix when added to the ever-so-slight melodic trill laying under the hard-edged bassline makes this track feel like a pineapple upside-down cake–delicious, well-layered and wholly unique.

Nire feat. Maluca & Nani Castle – Commie Mommie

New York City-based producer Nire joins with fellow New York-based vocalists Maluca and Nani Castle for this bombastic and empowered bass groove. The track is the lead single from Nire’s latest album Radika, and with a hook of “they call me a commie mommie, but they all want to run to mommie,” the socio-political message from the progressive Latina trio is pushed to the forefront, with a growling, banging and melodic track bolstering their cause. Purchase Nire’s Radika here and check out the Lil Government and Lil Internet-directed video below.