Sep 07, 2015
Sound Atlas 23
Branko feat. Lewis CanCut & Okmalumkoolkat - Whole Night (Original Mix) [Enchufada]
ADGEL X Cesarrodrb - Indepe 808 (Original Mix) [WORLDWIDE]
Bosq - Riding High (Original Mix) [Soul Clap]
G-Buck feat. Nicky Da B & Fly Boi Keno - Ride The Bike (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Ackeejuice Rockers - Whine (Like Whoa) (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Welcome to Sound Atlas, a weekly series showcasing LessThan3’s desire to scan the world for the most exciting sounds in global electronic music. This week’s edition discovers a series of club-crushing sounds including Branko’s kuduro excursions, salsa-style trap, pre-disco recalling Afro-boogie, and a double dose of mainstage-ready twerk bombs from G-Buck and the Ackeejuice Rockers.

Branko feat. Lewis CanCut & Okmalumkoolkat – Whole Night
Branko’s latest artist album Atlas has finally been released, and of the un-premiered material, the strongest of the tracks may be Whole Night, a kuduro/club banger featuring Portuguese producer Branko, Australian tunesmith Lewis CanCut, and South African emcee Okmalumkoolkat. Branko recorded Atlas in five cities over a 20-day stretch, and when he reached Cape Town’s Red Bull Studios, he laid down this collaborative production. Thumping, swirling, and heavy, this sounds like techno and feels like a fever rush during a mind-altered night. Purchase Atlas here.

ADGEL X Cesarrodrb – Indepe 808
Willie Colon’s 1972 Fania salsa hit La Murga has already been successfully sampled for Major Lazer’s single Come On To Me. However, if looking for a cumbia-trap anthem that sways and booms in equal and unique measure, look no further. Mexico’s Worldwide Records has released a compilation of rising tropical bass stars and this collaboration from Monterrey, Mexico’s ADGEL, and Cesarrodrb may be the best of the lot. Taking an incredibly familiar thing and flipping it completely on it’s head, this is an anthem likely to flip a party in the same manner.

Bosq – Riding High
There was once an era in dance where slinking, jazzy, brightly melodic and conga drum-driven tracks like Soul Clap Records release of Bosq’s Riding High were the tracks favored as progressive anthems by the world’s most renowned DJs. Bosq is a Boston-based “Afro Latin Disco House” producer, and here it shows. If wanting to hear what passed for the most exciting music in the world in an era before mainstream ears, electro, new wave, and hip-hop culture were fully a part of New York’s groundbreaking downtown disco scene, this one is important. Definitely buy this one here.

G-Buck feat. Nicky Da B & Fly Boi Keno – Ride The Bike
There’s something really special in the method of how Philadelphia’s G-Buck produces bass-heavy bangers that allows them to feel completely similar to everything hot on the market, but somehow also alien to pop ears, too. There’s elements of New Orleans bounce (via deceased rapper Nicky Da B and very much alive Fly Boi Keno), hardstyle, and Dutch house in this record that magically find the space to feel free to expand within a production that’s just over three minutes long. There’s a way that G-Buck is able to synthesize a number of global big room progressions and blend them with North American underground styles to create something all his own that’s certainly deserving of praise. Download this one for free here.

Ackeejuice Rockers – Whine Like Whoa
Italy’s Ackeejuice Rockers excel at being trendsetters in spaces that feel well-worn by the independent dance underground. Italian club-crushers who specialize in bringing dancehall and reggae vibes to everything they touch, the duo always delivers a pleasantly left-leaning vibe in their work. “Twerk anthem” is the expectation for their latest, and as expected, they deliver. Cowbells, carnival horns, and rock ‘n’ roll drum breakdowns all peaceably exist under a canopy of blaring synths and a clap-laden undertow. Grab this must-rinse madness for free here.