Aug 24, 2015
Sound Atlas 21
Bombon feat. La Comadre - Pachanguear (Original Mix) [Discos Peligrosa]
Smalltown DJS, DJ Sabo and Christian Martin - Sandia (Original Mix) [Main Course]
Poté - Oryx (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Branko - On Top (Original Mix) [Enchufada]
DJ Mehdi - Signatune (Masayoshi Iimori Remix) [Free Download]

Welcome to Sound Atlas, a weekly series showcasing LessThan3’s desire to scan the world for the most exciting sounds in global electronic music. This week, we get house-inspired cumbia, techno, trap, and tropical bass. Tracks presented are from Branko, Smalldown DJs, DJ Sabo, and more!

Bombon feat. La Comadre – Pachanguear
Sweeping cumbia meets hard breaking house on Pachanguear, the latest single from Houston’s Bombon crew. The track also features a trap breakdown for good measure, but is largely a breezy and grooving good time. Bombon’s single is part of a new seven-track joint EP between the Houston party throwers and the Austin-based Peligrosa crew. All cumbia based, tech house and trap are explored as well on the EP available from Peligrosa’s Discos Peligrosa label here.

Smalltown DJs, Christian Martin & DJ Sabo – Sandia
When not producing some of the most iconic moombahton grooves in the brief history of the subgenre, Calgary’s Smalltown DJs and LA’s DJ Sabo are three of the best pure house DJs anywhere on the planet. They join together with Christian Martin to create Sandia, a jam ideal to create blissed-out tech house vibes to soundtrack the space between Shambhala and Burning Man. This whistling and funky dancefloor glider is deeper than hell, and best heard at the darkest hour that’s just before dawn. Purchase this jam here.

Poté – Oryx
UK-based producer Poté’s Oryx is a bass-bin steamroller that utilizes a strong tenor in the top-line to guide feet to the dancefloor. The rising tunesmith excels at making direct and unique entreaties to listeners to get moving to the beat. Oryx is the lead single from an eponymous and just-released EP that continues a string of tracks over the past 12 months that showcase a growing understanding of how to chop a groove just-so and create the most exciting of helter-skelter jams. Grap the Oryx EP for free here.

Branko – On Top
On Top is Branko’s latest debuting single from Sept. 4’s Atlas release and it’s a super soulful blend of kwaito and South African house. For those unaware, kwaito is basically a pairing of hip-house and Afrobeat, while the Afro-Latino impulses here come from sounds familiar to the one-time (similar to South Africa) Dutch colony of Suriname. Branko collaborates with South African producers Zanillya and Capadose here, plus top kwaito act The Ruffest, too. Much more of a deep groove than anything else released from this album to date, it’s a winner. Pre-order Atlas here.

DJ Mehdi – Signatune (Masayoshi Iimori Remix)
Breakout Japanese trap producer Masayoshi Iimori shows off his limitless skills as a remixer with a bold trap edit of the late DJ Mehdi’s iconic 2006 Ed Banger track Signatune. Shimmering French electro being chopped and broken down into a break-laden thunder-boomer of a production may feel sacrilegious to some, but this is a truly mind-blowing production. Act like OWSLA and keep a close eye on what Iimori’s up to–he’s in an impressive zone as of late, and his skill is increasing at the same rate as the levels of his fearless audacity. Grab this one for free here.