Aug 17, 2015
Sound Atlas 20
Branko feat. MC Bin Laden & Marginal Men - Louca (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Rizzla feat. Odile Myrtil - Iron Cages (Original Mix) [Fade to Mind]
D'Maduro & Tropkillaz feat. Bounty Killer - Murdara (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low (Hasse De Moor Bootleg)
Choppa Dunks - That's Right (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Welcome to Sound Atlas, a weekly series showcasing LessThan3’s desire to scan the world for the most exciting sounds in global electronic music. This week’s edition features progressive takes on baile funk from Branko and Choppa Dunks, a sizzling dembow groove from Rizzla, plus ballroom and moombahton getting uniquely tossed into a sonic blender. Enjoy!

Branko feat. MC Bin Laden & Marginal Men – Louca
With the Sept. 4 release of his album Atlas right around the corner, Enchufada label chief Branko continues to turn up the heat in anticipation with baile trap anthem Louca. This one didn’t make the final cut for the album, but nonetheless, it’s a massive tune. Booming hollow drumlines are hit with synth stabs, organic instrumental samples, and the voice of star baile funk rapper MC Bin Laden. Something this hot not making the final cut for Atlas should give you a sense of how amazing the LP should be. Download Louca for free here.

Rizzla feat. Odile Myrtil – Iron Cages
Fade to Mind Records-afilliated producer Rizzla’s Iron Cages is a bubbling and dembow bomb. It’s also the eponymous lead single from his debut EP, which is set to drop Sept. 25. The track’s melody uniquely blends Odile Myrtil’s mystical vocals with stabbing synths and an ambient groove. In being club-friendly and aiming for a sound that exceeds typical expectations of Latin-friendly club sounds, he continues to create a standard that only he himself can reach. Pre-order Iron Cages here.

D’Maduro & Tropkillaz feat. Bounty Killer – Murdara
Dutch producer D’Maduro joins with Brazilian tropical trap producers Tropkillaz for booming moombah-meets-trap-meets-dancehall production Murdara. Things to note when hearing this is how suavely the swing of moombahton is weaved into the mix under Bounty Killer’s top-line exhortations. This one starts off like a festival anthem and by the end it’s a next-level bashment groove. Grab this one for free here.

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Hasse De Moor Bootleg)
Valentino Khan’s dubby and booming deep house track Deep Down Low has inspired a series of hot–and newly released–official remixes. However, if a fan of double-time Dutch bubbling and ballroom house, Dutchman Haase de Moor’s flip on the track more than has you covered. He substitutes what can best be described as mania for the smooth and progressive feel of the original. If needing something to inspire extreme popping and voguing, check this one out.

Choppa Dunks – That’s Right
If we can name a genre “jungle terror,” then calling Bermuda-born Choppa Dunks’ That’s Right a “deep baile house” groove makes sense too. This is possibly the most unique and intense track you’ll hear all week. The pace switch from house to trap to baile funk is definitely ridiculous, and will leave you scrambling to his Soundcloud to hear more of his work. Thankfully, the track is available for free here.