Jun 15, 2015
Sound Atlas 11: Ackeejuice Rockers Premiere
Leftside - What You Need (Ackeejuice Rockers Remix) [Free Download]
Major Lazer feat. Jovi Rockwell & Elliphant - Too Original (Chong X Remix) [Free Download]
Kito & Swick - Video Call (Original Mix) [Main Course]
AMUNOA - FuNcTiOn 3 (Masayoshi Iimori Remix) [Trekkie Trax]
Trapzillas & Los XL - Dame Eso (Original Mix) [Buygore]

Welcome to Sound Atlas, a weekly series showcasing LessThan3’s desire to scan the world for the most exciting sounds in global electronic music. This week, we have a dancehall-meets-twerk festival anthem premiering from Italy’s Ackeejuice Rockers plus some outstanding free downloads from nearly every continent around the world. ​

Leftside – What You Need (Ackeejuice Rockers Remix)
King P and Ali Selecta are Venice, Italy-based duo Ackeejuice Rockers (pictured). The ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica, so if you’re unaware about the European underground’s love of dancehall, you’re about to receive a top-tier education. Ackeejuice Rockers should also be known to American ears because of their credits on Kanye West’s Yeezus album, and more astute underground listeners will know them for their contributions during moombahton’s high point.

Regarding the remix debuting today, the duo flips Jamaican dancehall vocalist Leftside’s latest single What You Need into a peak-hour twerk anthem. The original’s greatness lies in the seductive swing of the melody, and the chopping on the drum break and hook. The crispness of the breaks allows the power of the groove to develop but not reach the insanity of the remix. This one’s ready to be dropped at any soundclash, festival, arena, or nightclub near you and is a guaranteed party smasher. Download it for free here.

Major Lazer feat. Jovi Rockwell & Elliphant – Too Original (Chong X Remix)
Czech Republic-born and Peru-based producer Chong X is worth a follow on Soundcloud if for no other reason than he’s a premium remixer of organic-to-EDM tracks who’s somehow able to bring progressive flips on sounds organic to Afro-Latino culture back to their roots. Major Lazer’s Too Original zooms out into the realm of dancehall-meets-Dutch house, but in slowing and chopping the original’s energy, Chong X is able to infuse moombahton and trap to the production, which actually gives it some real club-friendly flexibility and turns a mainstage anthem into an underground DJ tool. This is one worth keeping stowed away in the digital crates. Download for free here.

Kito & Swick – Video Call
If a trap and festival-friendly Australian producer like Kito were to want to make a club-ready house jam that melded ambient melodies, a frenetic pace, and breaks reminiscent of Masters At Work’s iconic Ha Dance, she should probably pair with countryman Swick and put it out on Main Course, right? That’s exactly what happens here, as this one is ready for everything from voguing and shuffling to throwing shapes. Funky and deep, it keeps you off-kilter. Grab this one for free here.

AMUNOA – FuNcTiOn 3 (Masayoshi Iimori Remix)
There are those in the underground bass community who are quick to call Saitama-based Masayoshi Iimori the “Japanese Munchi” for his truly inventive takes on bass music that meld flights of fancy with top-notch beat construction. Maybe that’s a bit hasty, but the hubbub is growing quickly around Iimori and it’s because of tracks like these that dive headlong into every type of cool and modern turn-up imaginable, namely trap and Jersey club. If wanting an approximation of what the urban-appropriating EDM zeitgeist sounds like right now, it’s him. Download this one here.

Trapzillas & Los XL – Dame Eso
Maybe the hardest trap and trap-inspired records in the world right now are getting pumped out at an amazing clip by Borgore’s Buygore Records. One to watch features Riff Raff-affiliated DJ/producer Trapzillas’ collaboration with Washington, DC’s Los XL on dembow devastator Dame Eso. Haunting synths recall OT Genasis’ Coco, while the rumbling bassline doesn’t merely just prove that moombahton is alive, but that the dembow riddim combined with heavy cumbia sweeps sounds iconic and still like nothing else in the game. Download this one for free here.