May 18, 2015
Sound Atlas 07
DJ N.K. - Agua de Coco (Original Mix) [Enchufada]
King DouDou feat. Paco Mendoza - Cumbia De La Verdad (Original Mix)
Nidia Minaj - Ta Sair um Vento Aqui (Version 1)
Animal Chuki - Luto (Original Mix) [Tiger's Milk]
Konshens - Gal Ting (Blacklight Riddim) [Mixpak]

Welcome to Sound Atlas, a weekly series showcasing LessThan3’s desire to scan the world for the most exciting sounds in global electronic music. This week, feel the funk with a diverse smattering of new releases and free-to-download sounds. ​ ​

DJ N.K. – Agua de Coco

Lisbon, Portugal-based DJ N.K. is a legendary producer of kuduro, an Angolan-borne dance genre that thumps along at 140 BPM. What separates Agua de Coco from the pack is the inclusion of funky Brazilian percussion and spacey elements usually reserved for the biggest of prog house jams. If you’re looking for a track that is so frenetic that it eventually devolves into a screaming mess, you’re in luck. “Agua de coco” means “coconut water” in Spanish, and you’ll definitely need more than a few sips after dancing to this one. Grab your free download here.

King DouDou feat. Paco Mendoza – Cumbia De La Verdad

Frenchman Douster is a well-regarded underground bass producer who explores his interests in organic bass-driven global sounds under the alias “King DouDou”. His latest release is Cumbia De La Verdad from his Worldwide Arena EP. Blending dub reggae-style basslines with cumbia’s traditional sweep, this feels like moombahton, but it is distinctly more reggae-to-reggaeton in style. Pick it up here.

Nidia Minaj – Ta Sair um Vento Aqui (Version 1)

Bordeaux, France’s Nidia Minaj is dropping broken-beat and hip-house-inspired everything these days for the likes of London’s Rinse FM. Ta Sair um Vento Aqui is wild in the sense that it causes the most deep and intense of kuduro-inspired booty shaking upon being dropped. Minaj calls this one “electronic,” but to be fair to the emcee she borrows her name from, we’ll just call this “super bass.”

Animal Chuki – Luto

Ambient technocumbia? Yes, that’s what being dropped via the Peru Boom compilation from London’s Tiger’s Milk Records, out June 30. Tiger’s Milk digs deep into the underground of what’s happening in cumbia and a plethora of other sounds in Peru, and is run by Martin Morales, a chef and restaurateur. For less-aware ears, the easiest way to describe this track is that it bears a strong similarity to Nadastrom’s 2010 remix of WIN WIN’s ReleaseRPM. Vibe driven yet still flexible enough to be dropped in a more “EDM-friendly” setting, it’s a winner. Peru Boom is available for pre-order here.

Konshens – Gal Ting (Blacklight Riddim)

Brooklyn-based Dre Skull is the boss over at Mixpak Records, a label that may not have a ton of American mainstream credibility, but if you’re a top Jamaican dancehall emcee, it’s exactly where you want to be these days. Top dancehall artists Popcaan and Vybz Cartel have had considerable success with their releases on the label, and with Dre Skull’s release of his Blacklight Riddim EP, more artists are getting in on the fun, including Kingston’s Konshens, who drops the hyper-sensual ode Gal Ting over Skull’s newest riddim creation. Simply put, riddims are instrumentals that are grabbed by a number of different artists upon which they release their own unique vocal versions. Buy Dre Skull’s latest here to check out what’s happening in dancehall right now.