Aug 03, 2010
Soul Music For The Damned
Rennie Foster - Devil's Water (Original Mix) [Rebirth]
Rennie Foster - Devil's Water (Kiki's End of the Night Remix) [Rebirth]

Now that’s what I call a great name for an EP! They say don’t give into temptation, but Rennie Foster’s track Devil’s Water has just the right dark and mysterious mood to corrupt you from head to toe. The track begins with rather minimal snare and kick drum beats before a unique percussion instrument that sounds like tapping on an old-fashioned washboard pops in. It continues with what sounds like a very dramatic banging on a snare drum just before introducing haunting female vocals that echo to and from your left and right speakers like voices in your head. At 3:05 the track shakes the ground with its rumbling bass just as all the components are flowing in perfect harmony. On the re-release EP, there’s the Kiki’s End Of The Night Remix that I’m quite fond of. It adds a muffled synth that sounds similar to the one in Deadmau5’s Ghosts N Stuff as well as some very eerie organ stabs.

Rennie Foster is a Canadian music producer and DJ who was an early pioneer of the hip-hop and break-dancing movement before moving onto house music and the techno rave scene. He has served as a judge at the DMC DJ competitions and has produced music for the charitable organization Amnesty International. After falling in love with the techno club scene in Tokyo, he moved to Japan and started a family. Rennie runs two labels: Futago Traxx, which mainly releases organic and tribal techno vinyl, and more recently, Dirty Works, which focuses more on the new era of house and techno. He released his first full length album The Art of War in 2007 and last February released his new deep and tech house album Blood Sugar on the Italian label Rebirth. Recently, Rennie was awarded the rank of #22 in LOUD Magazine’s Japan’s Top 50 DJs.

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