Dec 14, 2011
SOPA/PIPA & Their Impact on You
Constantine - Digital Danger (Original Mix)

Many of you have probably heard of the internet censorship bills currently sitting in Congress. For those unfamiliar, SOPA/PIPA, separate bills present in the House and Senate, respectively, give the Federal government the right to shut down entire websites if one user uploads any content that may infringe on an existing copyright. Examples of such content could be a video a ten year-old uploads of her singing her favorite Justin Bieber song, videos with video games playing in the background, or that crazy YouTube abomination you put up of yourself shuffling to Warp 1.9 last year when you’d had a few too many. This kind of overarching power places the blame entirely on the website itself, rather than the user, and threatens the very framework of the Internet, with an even bigger threat to artists who rely on the Internet to proliferate their music and communicate with their fans.

Does this concern you? It should, because many websites (including the one you’re looking at right now) could be instantly shut down if someone in the government is unhappy with content on your site. From an EDM perspective, DJ careers and entire genres could be crippled. Many of the biggest technology companies in existence today, as well as numerous college professors and millions around the country, have expressed the absurdity and potential destructiveness of such an overarching bill, and now it is time for you to consider joining them. The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on the bill tomorrow (12/15), and if it passes then the House of Representatives will be able to pass it at any time. However, if enough people call and email their representatives to express their disagreement with the bill, it is possible to completely kill the bill.

Will you consider joining us in this effort to protect artists, technology, and free speech? Please click here to call or email your local representative. This is perhaps the most important piece of legislation to take action on in your lifetime, so please act now. Help LessThan3 spread the word as well! Share this post to your Facebook, Twitter, etc., as well as your friends’ and get them to sign the petition and call their representatives. The strength will be in our numbers.

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