May 29, 2015
Sony Might Pull Beyonce’s Music From Jay Z’s Tidal

Jay Z’s Tidal might be facing yet another setback after news that Sony is ready to pull his own wife Beyonce’s entire catalog from the service if proper royalties are not paid.

As reported by BGR, Sony and Warner Music Group have been asking for huge compensation in order for Tidal to stream their artists’ music. If Jay Z doesn’t find the money to pay, then Beyonce and other big name artists will be struck from Tidal’s streaming rights.

The report continues by saying that Tidal was hoping to pay the royalties after receiving a large investment from Sprint, though Sprint has denied their financial involvement thus far. With all the news surrounding the fledgling hi-fidelity streaming service, most reports bode ill for its future, though we imagine Jay Z won’t be backing down anytime soon.

For more information on Tidal, head here.

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