Jan 24, 2014
Son of Kick Ruins Our Childhood

If you’re prone to seizures or have high morals, turn around and walk away… in fact, run. Because things are about to get all sorts of weird thanks to London-based Son of Kick.

The video for Black Towel featuring Metropolis from Noisia/Foreign Beggars brings all your favorite childhood toys to the red light district, resulting in some things you won’t be able to unsee–Mrs. Potatohead violating Mr. Potatohead is one of those things.

The track itself is as psychotic as the video. It meets somewhere between UK hip hop, noir-tinged trap, and a Gaspar Noe film to drop your mind off in a dark, neon-tinted gutter somewhere in Bangkok. You can download Black Towel for free here.

Son of Kick is just wrapping up his leg of the SMOG City Tour with 12th Planet. View the rest of the tour dates here.

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