Apr 18, 2011
Son of Bass
Son of Kick - Playing the Villain (Original Mix) [Muti]

London-based producer Son of Kick is not playing around, as the onslaught of bass in his tracks will tell you. His genre has been dubbed “psychostep,” which I think is pretty appropriate, especially for his upcoming Muti Music release Playing the Villain. I’d brace myself before listening, if I were you.

Anyhoo, “psychostep” sounds abound in this sea of random glitches, bleeps, wobbles, and kick patterns, all wrapped under an umbrella of heavy bass. It is amazing how well the different parts of Playing the Villain work together, especially considering his random jumping of keys from section to section. The drop also reminds me a bit of Bass Head by Bassnectar. Make sure to watch out for the random kickdrum attack in between the drops, lest it knock you off your feet as well. Enjoy the boom!

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