Jul 21, 2012
Something Special
Special Features - You & Me (Original Mix)

Special Features has gained notice from the EDM world for his energetic remixes and collaborations. Drawing comparisons to Madeon and TheFatRat, Special Features makes infectiously happy music incorporating the best of several genres of EDM. Up until now, he had yet to release any original pieces. You & Me is his much anticipated first solo original track, and if this is any indication of the original work to come, he has a very bright future ahead of him. The track is an uplifting, joyful piece of music featuring Special Features’ signature style: a harmonious blend of electro and progressive house.

In his own words, “You & Me is a huge track for me because it is my first solo original track. It is a chance for me to show to the world my capability to produce original and unique music. With this track my aim was to create something fun, catchy, uplifting and different from a lot of the progressive/electro house coming out at the moment. Rather than focusing on DJ playability, I put a lot of my creative energy into the musicality of the track, experimenting with different chord progressions and drum programming… I’m looking forward to seeing how the track is received, along with a handful of other original tracks that will be coming out over the next few months.”

As a way to give something back to all his fans who have supported him, Special Features is offering the song for free download. Go ‘like’ his Facebook page to get access to the song.

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