Jun 05, 2013
Somebody Fetch My Dancing Shoes
J-Trick & Taco Cat feat. FERAL is KINKY - Jumanji (Original Mix) [Hussle]
Uberjak'd feat. Nuthin Under A Million - All I Need (Bomber) (Lady Bee Trap Mix) [Mixmash]
Doorly - Drongoism (Original Mix) [Toolroom]

Keeping up with the newest music releases can be quite challenging, and that’s why we here at LessThan3 strive to deliver the finest sounds right to your earholes. This process, however, often proves strenuous, although enjoyable. It involves listening to all the newest releases we can get our hands on, and then identifying which tracks really pull on our heartstrings.

Lately, I’ve found that there is just way too much fantastic music flooding the airwaves, and it breaks my heart to think I haven’t given you the opportunity to hear it all! So allow me to fill you in on which releases have been holding my attention lately, and hey, maybe we can make this a regular thing, yes? We’ll see. Let’s begin!

It’s hot–really hot–from Boston to Miami, and from Dallas to Los Angeles. I think the heat has finally gotten to me, because these past few weeks, all I wanna do is get up and dance. Fortunately, Hussle Recordings down in Sydney just released Jumanji by J-Trick & Taco Cat feat. FERAL is KINKY. Head over to Beatport where you’ll have access to remixes from Autoerotique, Uberjak’d, and Danny T. For now, just listen to the original… see what I mean about the heat?

Next up, we get to hear the newest fresh tracks coming in from Amsterdam’s own Mixmash Records: Uberjak’d feat. Nuthin Under A Million, with the tune All I Need (Bomber), featuring remixes from Nicolas Strands, Lady Bee, and Revero. Lady Bee’s remix really put me over the top for this one, maybe because it satisfied my insatiable craving for some dank, grimy trap music. Make sure your neighbors are home before you play this one, because they’ll definitely want to hear this. Oh, and the rest of the release can be found here.

Finally, we end up in Ibiza with Toolroom Records. They just released Toolroom Ibiza 2013 Vol. 1, and they’re already teasing us with a free minimix over on their SoundCloud. Doorly’s new track, Drongoism, stuck out in particular, carrying those deep house vibes we all know and love, and introducing them to a big room type of feel. Browse through Doorly’s SoundCloud to hear what kind of noise he’s been making for the past few months, and maybe you too will understand why he’s been getting support and play-time from several members of the dirtybird crew. This one may require a serious shopping spree.

So, here’s to hoping it cools down out there, but only enough so that I can still enjoy a mojito and a water pistol. Check back soon. You know we’ll be working hard just for you.

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