Aug 08, 2010
Nasty Tricks For Nasty Chicks!
Dj Cristiao & Jesus Soblechero - Nasty Chicks (Roman Zawodny Remix) [Yin Yang]

Roman Zawodny really pulls some tricks out of his hat on his uber sweet remix of Nasty Chicks co-produced by the talented DJ Cristiao a.k.a. Christian Gasull Rodriguez of Torrent (Valencia, Spain) and Jesus Soblechero a.k.a. Jesus Roldan Soblechero of Segovia (Spain).

This techno track is at its very best with funk and manic house grooves that certainly opens the possibility to a wider spectrum of DJ’s to make good use of. The original mix has great vocals and powerful funky driven percussion, and it truly comes to life when Roman throws in some deep African tribal drums and electro/techy synth percussion to go alongside the melody and a huge almost trance-like breakdown. Roman also makes good use of those vocal samples which go really well with the flow of the track.

Roman Zawodny is a Techno DJ & producer from the U.S., specializing in new school jacking techno and has blown my mind away with this Nasty Chicks remix. Some fans have said this is his finest work to date and it’s a remix that every man and his dog seem to be supporting! This is a polished & dynamic track that can fit into any EDM mix. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.

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