Oct 19, 2011
Social Upheaval
By mye
Arkasia - Fall of the Republic (Original Mix) [Heavy Artillery]
Arkasia - New World Disorder (Original Mix) [Heavy Artillery]
Arkasia - Destiny (Original Mix) [Heavy Artillery]

If you’ve been watching the news with any frequency in the last few weeks, you may have heard to a little movement called “Occupy Wall Street.” While this blog isn’t exactly the forum to express one’s political leanings, an artist by the name of Arkasia is using his latest album to make an unprecedented political statement.

Hailing from Paris, France, Arkasia has infused his heavy basslines with something other than the typical female vocals or feel-good chants; there’s an actual message behind these songs. With song titles like Fall of the Republic and New World Disorder, Arkasia’s agenda is clearly visible. On Destiny, an entire interlude is dedicated to condemnation of the Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street. All of this says nothing about the actually musicianship though, which is superb. The drops are hard, the bass is gritty, and production is flawless. Even without the political overtones, this album would be noteworthy. You can pick up his new album Evolution on Beatport now.

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