Sep 23, 2010
Soaring Above The Pacific
Pacific! - Narcissus

We all know that retro sounds are definitely in right now. We’ve seen traces of it across all genres–in house-man DJ Dan’s new album Future Retro, as well as the progressive G-Tek’s New School FM, to name a few. Everyone seems to be digging those 80’s and 90’s synths, reincorporating them with new sounds to invent fresh new music. The results so far have been superb; I can’t wait to hear what kind of new creations await us.

Pacific!, the group behind the track I discuss below, has very nice bio written for them on their MySpace page, so instead of paraphrasing I will just use an excerpt:

Pacific! is the sun-kissed, blissed-out baby of Bjorn Synneby and Daniel Hogberg – two childhood friends from the seaside city of Gothenburg, Sweden, whose natural Scandinavian feel for the idyll is evident in a musical aesthetic that is as charming and as it is uninhibited.

Since the early days of the last decade, Synneby and Hogberg have been sewing a patchwork of manifold influences to imbue their delicately crafted pop-not-pop songs with a distinct joie de vivre that seems to hark back and look forward simultaneously. West-Coast, Baroque, Daft Punk, Beach Boys – you could mention any one of these in the same breath, yet Pacific!’s sound remains unmistakably their own: love songs for the new century, dance music for outside the club, nonchalant romance for the carefree generation. The band’s debut album Reveries surfaced in 2008 on Swedish label, Dolores Records, to wide critical acclaim and offered an increasingly musically-aware public a breeze of harmonic and melodic fresh air.

I’d love to sit down with these guys and hear more about their inspiration and influences in their work. They have quite a unique sound, and their music has a sort of elegance that is simultaneously profound and humble. Narcissus, my favorite track on their sophomore album of the same name, is a beautiful tune which Shmurkio described as “prog house meets rock meets psychedelic.” It’s got the new and the old in it, mixing nostalgia with excitement to form a relaxing melodic piece that is hard not to love. The single will be released on the 27th of this month and the album drops October 4th, so be sure to grab this one! Oh, and check the trippy video too for some added fun.

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